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Eiko Meredith

Born in Hiroshima, Japan. Lives in UK.

2023 🎉Finally divorced 🎉

Thank you eveyone for your support!!😉

2003 The Three Month Bristol Animation Course, University of the West of England, Faculty of Art, Media and Design
2002 Graduate School of Art, Hiroshima City University
Major: Media Art
2000 Faculty of International Studies, Hiroshima City University
★ In Japan I use the name Ami Ishii Meredith.


2011 “Frankenweenie” (Feature Film) 3 Miles Studio
Model Making
2010〜 Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival Festival Organiser
2009 “Zoo Factor” (TV series) Calon TV
Puppet making

Work Experience

2008 “Shaun the Sheep” (TV series) Aardman Animations
Model making“Igam Ogam” (TV series) Calon TV
Model making“Fantastic Mr. Fox” (Feature Film) 3 Miles Studio
Model making


2018 “World of Anime” Cardiff Museum
2017 “Life in Japan” Beddau and Tynant Community Library

“Anime History” Concert Hall, School of Music Cardiff University

Organized by:MLANG Cardiff University

Part of the Taste of Japan: Japanese Culture and Language Day

2009 “British stop motion animation Lecture 2” Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University

“British stop motion animation Lecture 2” Café Palulu, Nagoya

Sponsored by HAC, Hiroshima Animation City, ANIMATION TAPES

Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshima City Culture Foundation,  Hiroshima Cultural Promotion Foundation

2008 “British stop motion animation Lecture” Hiroshima Kokusai GakuinUniversity

“British stop motion animation Lecture” Aichi Art and culture centre, Nagoya

2006 “Enchanted by Animation” Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio Visual Library


2007 “Japanese culture and art” Hiroshima University
2006 “ANIMATION TAPES ★★★12″ Aichi Art and culture center, Nagoya

“ANIMATION TAPES★★★ Naoshima ver.” Caffe Maruya, Kagawa

“Holiday vol.1″ Gallery Kingyo, Tokyo

“Jody Meredith&Ami Ishii Gallery G, Hiroshima

“Korea vs Japan-The first Competitive Performances of Short Animations”

Space NEO, Tokyo

“Black Box Animation vol.4 in Osaka” Jungle Independent Theatre, Osaka

“Black Box Animation vol.4 in Tokyo” SALON by marbletron, Tokyo

2005 “Christmas de Animation” Aleale, Hiroshima

“Ami Ishii and Yoko Ishida” Gallery G, Hiroshima

“Musubi no Waza” Aichi Sangyo University student square, Nagoya

“Animation tapes★★★11” multiple choice, Nagoya

“Animation Night Alice G” Alice Garden, Hiroshima

★ Haby Club Supported Project

“Medical Treatment and Art” Hiroshima Uviversity Hospital, Hiroshima

“Sekohei Museum” The Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan

“Hiroshima Movies” The Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan

“Screenings at Gallery G” Gallery G, Hiroshima

“Mr. Zhang’s exhibition” Gallery APA, Nagoya

★ “Kumoninotte”and “Okashina-Tatakai” are shown.

“Animation tapes★★★10” Creator’s Colabo, Nagoya

2004 “Howahowa Project” Gallery  APA, Nagoya

※ Howahowa project is a project in which several animators competed using the original characters created by Mr. Zhang, a Chinese painter.

“Animation Night Alice G” Alice Garden, Hiroshima

★ Hiroshima Animation Biennale 2004 Supported Project

2003 The screening of “Angel & Devil” Shareo i vision, Hiroshima
2002 “The 5th Graduation Exhibition Hiroshima City University Faculty of Art and Graduate School of Art” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

“Digital Stadium Exhibition@HIROSHIMA” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

★This is a joint exhibition with NHK satellite broadcasting TV program ’Digital Stadium’.

2001 “Actual Movement – Media Art Exhibition, Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Art” The Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan (link)