Kakera kara
Japanese Stopmotion Motion Animator, Shin Hosokawa.
Tetsuo Kawamura
Japanese Armature maker
Puppet Box
Japanese Stopmotion Motion Animator, Shigeru Okada.
3D & Digital Effects artist, Gary Bush’s website. He did my website and composited my trailor.

★☆Animation studios in UK★☆

Aardman Animations, Ltd
Famous for ‘Wallace & Gromit’ series.
Calon TV
Welsh production company. Makers of “Igam Ogam” and “Zoo Factor”.
Mackinnon & Saunders
Puppet makers and animation producers.

★☆Animation Festivals★☆

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival
The only festival which focuses on Japanese animation in the UK.
Brief Encouters International Film Festival
Annual Bristol film festival.
Hiroshima International Animation Festival
Animation festival from my hometown Hiroshima, Japan.


Miwa Usui is a fashionable artist using copperplate technique.
Plant dye factory Rui
Rumiko Terada uses her own dyes from plants and trees to create her artwork.
Teddy Bear’s Diary
Yoshiko Irino keeps a blog of her lovely teddy bears and their travels.

★☆Knitting and Crochet★☆

Tulip co., ltd
Japanese suppliers of high quality sewing, knitting & crochet accessories.
Euro Japan Trading Company Co.
London based Japanese company supplying knitting accessories and lovely Shetland yarns.
Alan Dart
The official website of Alan Dart, designer of knitted & fabric toys