"Looking for a Star" (trailor)

Shown at the Kotatsu Animation Festival in Cardiff on November 2010.

The full length version is currently being filmed.


"Making of" photos coming soon.






“Howahowa Project Okashi-na-tatakai”
Characters designed by: Mr. Zhang Xiaodong

An animation with Howahowa characters.




“Howahowa Project Kumoni-notte (On the cloud)”

Characters designed by: Mr. Zhang Xiaodong

This is a story set deep in the mountains of China. When Popo was enjoying riding a sesame dumpling, Popo-nee (her sister) came riding a cloud. Popo tried to get on the cloud, but sadly he failed. Unable to just look on, Popo-nee tried to get on it together with Popo. This time they made it and the cloud on which they got disappeared far away into the sky.



“Ami Ishii Showreel 2004”

This image is from my showreel 2004,concentrating on armature movement.





“Ami Ishii Showreel 2003”

This image is from the showreel created whilst at The Three Month Bristol Animation Course, University of the West of England, Faculty of Art, Media and Design.





“Angel & Devil”

An image from my animation at Hiroshima City University. Faces are inspired by the design of Czech puppets. The devil wants to make friends with the mean angel. What will become of them?




“Study! Study?”

Final year graduation project at Hiroshima City University. My first animation with puppets.

Tomomi Hirata doesn't like to do her homework. So she asks Seigi-no-mikata-man for some help. He comes at once and does it for her. After he has gone, however, she finds…